About me

I am 18 year old Estonian hob photographer and videographer. My boundless interest against visual arts began in 2018 when I decided to participate in a optional photo and video lessons in my former school.  The passion I got from there has currently brought me to Tallinn’s 32 High School.

Equipment wise I use Nikon D5500 with two lenses. For photo editing I either use Luminar 4 or Affinity Photo, depending on the need. In the movie world I have participated in making of one short film. Namely I was a camera operator for movie “Loretta”, which won second place at the film festival “Indielint”.

My photos and videos can be found on this site as well as on social media:

If you would like to create something cool with me, feel free to contact me:

Email: robin(at)robinlek.com

Phone: +372 5308 4010